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Hi, and welcome to Incinerating Moonlight Reviews! On this blog, I will be doing mostly reviews for anime, manga, novels, games, anime figures/merchandise, and Loot Anime crates (if I get it that month. I do skip months that I do not like). I say ‘mostly’ because there will be posts saying what anime I am interested in for a season, new games I picked up, or figures I am interested in. Basically, stuff that might be reviewed later.

As a heads up, I will be doing regular novel reviews, too. I will tag these, so they are easy to find. And I will also be writing posts for individual manga volumes, but they may just be star ratings if I can’t think of anything to say. I will try to make comments for them, though. Anime will be reviewed as a whole, but if I do drop a series, I will review up to that point and tell WHY I dropped it.

I set up a review page because I know there are times I have looked to see if I could find someone’s opinions on an anime I had thought about watching, or have looked for book reviews, or for Loot Anime reviews. And had found that there were very few reviews on that topic, or if they were there,they were not good. My aim is to provide an honest review that will hopefully be entertaining to read, and informative.

And because this is an about post, here are some short facts about me personally.

I go by Elise pretty much everywhere (Elise Grimwald when just Elise isn’t available), and am a huge anime fan. I love romance, fantasy, comedy, and some slice of life anime/sci-fi. These are the ones you will see reviewed by me the most. I also like manga, in pretty much the same genres. I also play video games, mostly RPGs, and especially MapleStory and the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games. And yes, I do play Pokemon, and am currently playing Pokemon Moon. But I hate talking about it competitively, so I just play it.

I also love drawing, but probably won’t post anything. That’s for other sites. :D. I’m also a cosplayer, a writer, and I love animals. :).

Finally, note that Loot Anime posts will have spoilers. Other posts will too, but will be marked if they do.


Note: None of the backgrounds are made by me. They are either from Minitokyo or Google. >_<;. I try to make backgrounds, but don’t have the patience.. OTL. I will eventually have a unique header for this blog, but right now, I’m using a background from Minitokyo.

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Tumblr: elisegrimwald

Deviantart: Gellert-Grindelwald

(yes, it’s a Harry Potter name. I sniped it up shortly after the last book came out :D)

Twitter: elisegrimwald

MapleStory: Elise (forum name)

Goodreads: Javert