Loot Anime August 2016: Back to School review

Hi, guys, and welcome to my first actual review! I received my third Loot Anime crate yesterday (the other two being Unity and Music), and am excited to be able to share my feelings about this crate with you guys!

This month’s theme, Back To School, was supposed to contain items from Digimon Tri, Persona 3, Danganronpa, Assassination Classroom, Fruit’s Basket, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. All series that I like. So I was really hyped for this box. Did it meet my expectations? Was it worth the hype?

Unfortunately.. no. By the way, item spoilers ahead.

This crate contained art cards from Digimon Adventure Tri, a bento box from Revolutionary Girl Utena, a dry erase board from Assassination Classroom, Junko’s tie from Danganronpa, the first volume of the Persona 3 manga, and four Fruits Basket keychains.

All of this sounds great, right? I didn’t think so.

Seriously, this is what they came up with? Art cards for Digimon Tri?

Digimon isn’t hard to come up with ideas for. They could have had mini figures, a mini plush, a shirt, a hat, keychains, pins, replica Digivice, digivice watch.. anything. But all they could come up with was some cards? The images are nice, but it’s kind of a junky item, value wise. Here they are, in case you’re curious.


Like I said, nice images. But they’re literally cards.

Now, for item number two..

The Danganronpa tie. I did not take it out of the box because it is a pain to get back in. But it’s legitimately Junko Enoshima’s tie. Made of whatever ties are made of. It is well made, but I literally have no use for a tie. I don’t plan on cosplaying Junko, and I don’t wear ties. Since this he wearable, I assume this would have been the shirt otherwise, which sucks. There are no Danganronpa shirts out there. Here’s the box.

The box of the tie


The third item is the Fruits Basket keychains. I love keychains. I like the kind that are kind of like figures. But these, no. I do not like these. The hats ruin them for me. I would like them if it was just the characters, but not with the stupid hats.

s-l1600 (2)

And next up is the bento box.

s-l1600 (1)

The box is nice. It’s a nice plastic, and the image is clear. It comes with chopsticks, and breaks apart into two halves for food storage. However, I have no use for it, so it’s a miss.

Next up is the manga.


I normally don’t care for manga in Loot Anime because I usually buy manga I am interested in anyway, but this was awesome. The Persona 3 manga isn’t due to come out for two months, so getting it early was a treat.

The next items are the poster and phone charm. These are always nice. But I didn’t bother to take a pic of the poster, and won’t (too annoying), and I literally didn’t get a phone charm. The poster tells me that it came with one, though. And it looks nice.

And finally..

My favorite item, the Assassination Classroom dry erase board.


Yes, these are the Digimon cards. But this is the correct image.  I drew a kind of inappropriate Monokuma doodle where he’s talking about his junk lol, so I censored it. I only like the board because I am a doodler, and the white marker is awesome. But it’s sad when I like something because I can doodle on it.

It has a stand on the back to stand it up, or it can be mounted to a fridge with its magnetic back, and comes with three Koro-sensei face magnets. Pretty cool, but not worth much.


Overall, this crate is a total disappointment. I won’t be able to use most of these items, and in terms of value, this is junky.  I added everything up, and it doesn’t match the sixty dollar value they’re supposed to be. It’s worth about what we pay for it. Which sucks, because normally they are a great value. Is it because they actually had good series to work with? Why is this so much worse than other crates in terms of how good the items are, I don’t know. I am very upset with this, and if I hadn’t seen the other crates in the past were at least a sixty dollar value , I’d have unsubscribed. This is basically dollar store stuff, minus the tie and book. Crate rating: 1.5 of 5.


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