New stuff.. yay!

I just went to Books a Million yesterday, and got five new light novels/manga. What I picked up was Complex Age number 2, Overlord novel 2, Idol Dreams volume 3, Log Horizon Light Novel 3, and um.. a manga that I can’t remember the name of. I’ll have to double check that, but it looks interesting.

I haven’t read number 1 for any of those, but I have a policy of at least getting volumes 1 and 2 before deciding on something. Just because sometimes, a volume one can be amazing, but volume 2 is crap. I’ll be posting reviews for volume one of these eventually..

As for what to look forward to soon…

Rewrite (I will make myself finish it.. even though I dislike it)

New Game!

Fate/Zero manga 1 (currently reading it and LOVING it)


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