Loot Anime: Galaxy December 2016 Review

It’s a miracle.. two updates in a row, lol.

I got an early Christmas present in the form of my Loot Anime crate arriving early this month. Normally, I don’t expect these until the 27th or so, so this was a treat. This is also the only crate in months that I bought (that wasn’t the Harry Potter crate) because the series they had in the last few didn’t interest me, so I was excited for this. It had Sailor Moon, Space Patrol Luluco, and Cowboy Bebop, which I like. It also had Robotech, which I remember liking (I saw it back when it was on Toonami). I’ve been hyped for this box all month. Was it worth the hype?

Yes, and no.

The items inside were, quality wise, a LOT better than the school crate I bought last. I felt I was getting a good deal here, which is how I should feel. Not everything was my thing, though, and I will discuss that in detail now.

This is what it came in. I took a picture of the crate this time, since many people seem to be interested in that. It’s supposed to fold out and make a spaceship, or something. I don’t really care about the box itself, so I don’t pay much attention to it.

I believe the next item that came in it was the Cowboy Bebop item, an Ein plush. Which I’ve included the picture of below.


I was glad to get this (it’s really cute and soft–it’s the only plush I’ve liked from Loot Anime), but at the same time, I was disappointed. An Ein plush existed before this one. GE Animation made one. So, this is not an exclusive. But, he looks cuter in this plush somehow. Which is a plus. I also didn’t have the old plush, so I’m happy with this.

The Sailor Moon item was one I was really hyped for. But I was really disappointed by what it is. Not the look, but what it does. The picture is below, and if it doesn’t show, it’s a Sailor Moon bottle opener, shaped like Sailor Moon’s wand.


It’s sideways for some reason, but here it is. I’ll have to fix it when I’m on my computer. The item itself looks nice. It’s made of metal, and seems like it would be able to open bottles, as it should. But I don’t have a use for it. I don’t drink, and we rarely buy glass bottles. And I think we have one. For those that do, it’s nice.

The third item is from Space Patrol Luluco, and it’s probably one of my favorite items in the crate. It’s a heart shaped keychain, made of plastic. It is either blue or a greenish, depending on the light. It comes from the ending song of the anime, and maybe elsewhere, but I remember it most from the ending.


It kind of looks like one of those heart gem keychains you can find in stores/souvenir shops, and it’s about the same quality. Which isn’t bad, really. I do think it is a bit more durable (the heart doesn’t feel like it will snap off from the keychain) and is bigger. I liked this item quite a bit.

It also comes in a cloth bag with the name of the show printed on it.


The last of the major items is a LED light that is based on one of the robots from Robotech. It is a transparent robot that can be red, blue, and green, and has a USB port on the base where it plugs in. It’s neat, but the robots in Robotech aren’t my thing. Unfortunately for me, it’s the main item. But if I liked them, this would be awesome. It still is, technically. I just don’t have any room for it, or interest in owning robot merchandise.

I only took a photo of the box, so here’s the photo, from HelloSubscription: (I will take it down if requested)



The downside is it needs to be plugged into a computer, or a phone charger. It is usb based. Here’s the box.


And now, for the other items. The phone strap, and the poster. The phone strap is REALLY nice this time. It shows Loot Anime’s mascot, Yume, in a spacesuit, and it sparkles in the light. I can actually see myself using this. Picture is below.


The last item is the poster, which shows the Loot inside. It shows a picture of Yume on it, in a spacesuit.


Now, for the final verdict: This was a good box, but not as good as it could be. Like I said, I didn’t like the choice of a bottle opener for the Sailor Moon item. I actually would have rather had a replica of her wand, or something else in her series. They do do replicas of items for cosplay, so it would work. They also just had one not too long ago (the Gate all in one tool), so it is a repeat item. A nice looking repeat item. The fact the Ein plush wasn’t really exclusive was also disappointing. It’s still cute though, and I do really like it.

I was also disappointed by the lack of a wearable item. The crate is nice, but I thought they are always supposed to have a wearable, and I was expecting one. I look forward to them. Not getting one was disappointing. I know we probably didn’t get one because we got the lamp, but they could have replaced one of the other items for some kind of wearable.

I can’t really complain about the Robotech item, as it just wasn’t my thing, and the keychain was nice. I just loved the phone charm, and have no complaints there. I feel the box is worth it’s value, and despite liking only three of the items, I am satisfied. The lack of a wearable and dislike of an item type makes me take away points, though.

Final grade: 4 of 5.


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