Winter 2017 anime that will be reviewed

Even though I have a list of which anime I will review on the Reading/Watching page, I thought I’d put the titles I want to watch in a post, as well. Just to tell why I’m choosing as I am, and so I can leave comments out of the other section.

1.) KonoSuba season 2. I loved season 1, and want to know what happens next. And though this has nothing to do with how enjoyable the anime is, I just found out how.. bad the art is in the anime compared to the novel. Ugh. >_<;. The novel looks nice. The anime looks cheap. I kind of wonder if Funimation will choose to Simuldub this one, as it’s popular, or if it won’t be, because Crunchyroll had it first sub only? I’m watching it either way, but I’m kind of hoping for a dub because I can’t stand Aqua’s voice. She constantly sounds like Miia from Monster Musume when she whines. I know they’re voiced by the same actress, but it doesn’t make her any less annoying. >_<;. The rest of the cast was great, but Aqua’s voice grated on my nerves.

2.) Fuuka. This just sounds interesting. I enjoy romance anime, and am really hoping the ecchi that supposedly is in this is minor. Ecchi takes away a lot from plots, IMO, and I’m hoping it’s minor. >_<;.

3.) Youjo Senki. This sounds interesting, as well. It sound like one of those series that will be the ‘big’ one for this season, and one that shouldn’t be missed, which is why I’m watching it. I’m at least giving it a chance. But I can’t promise I’ll make it all the way through, as I hate military anime on the whole.  I tried watching Gate, and hated it. I don’t like seasons 2 and 3 of Robotech. And I thought Anti-Magic Platoon sounds boring. I’m hoping this is the one military based anime that is good.

4.) Gabriel Dropout–MAYBE. I’m not sure about this, since it seems slice-of-life and moe-filled. I might watch this, I might now.

5.) Hand Shakers –If it isn’t another Asterisk War/Chivalry of A Failed Knight/Absolute Duo.. because I’m not watching anything else similar. I’ll wait to see what other people say, because I don’t want to waste time with another Asterisk War. This will only be watched if other reviews say differently, and it has to be by episode 3.

6.) Little Witch Academia TV series. This is a must watch, but a must watch for later.

7.) Rewrite season 2. I need to finish season 1 first. And that will be a long time, since season 1 is a chore for me to watch, since most of it was slice-of-life boring junk with overdrawn jokes about cleanliness, man hating, and boobs for every episode until the camera girl goes missing. I didn’t like Lucia, and unfortunately, she and the other girl who’s name escapes me right now are the main girls, aside from the silver haired one. UGH. I’m only finishing it because I like Key so much.


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