Current Status

Sorry about the lack of reviews–I have been hard at work at my cosplay for Anime Central this year.^^;; I’m cosplaying Jeanne d’Arc, so if you’re into Fate and do read this, feel free to say hi! If you like my cosplay, I would be more than happy to let you take a pic. :). I am never really too busy to say no to a cosplay photo (I walk fast because I’ve been walking a lot to get exercise in), so like I said, just ask if you want to.

ANYWAY, I know it’s a lame excuse, but other than exercise (REALLY important to me to get that hour in), computer time (after 9) and maybe a short period of relaxation after work, I have pretty much been working on my cosplay for as long as I can. I don’t even play video games right now (I’m still not done with Pokemon Moon as a result, and am right after the ghost trial.. D:), or watch anime. Meaning my Crunchyroll and Funimation subscriptions are almost pointless (I do this pretty much every year, but the cost of the subscription for the months I don’t watch anything is less than one Blu-Ray, so I just let it go and binge anime after, LOL. I make up for those missed months), but I WANT to finish this cosplay. And if I watch anime or play games, that’s half an hour more I could be working on it.

Right now, I’m on the armor. I have the headdress cut out and shaped (not started yet, because TBH it is less of a concern to me than the other armor because it looks easier), the gauntlet pieces shaped and at least primed for paint (the finger pieces), the inner bracer is shaped and heated, and the outer is at least shaped. I need to add the designs, though. I also have the prototype elbow armor (both sides) done, too. Tomorrow will be cutting them out, and adding the designs to the outside arm armor. Fun, especially because if I mess up, it probably leaves marks and I’m screwed. OTL. The upper arm armor should be easy, and since these are basically arm shaped, heating should be easy.^^;. So, something like 20% done? I wish they were painted, but I want to paint them all at once, so at least they’re done. I still have that annoying AF looking shoe armor to do, and am NOT looking forward to it. D:.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing. So, no reviews for awhile, unless I’m on spring break and have way more time then normal. I did read Seraph of the End volume one recently, and need to review that. And I do have the Loot Anime crate from January to review, and will do that momentarily (the review will go up tomorrow). This is more or less a warning of less activity, but I am FAR from letting this be a dead account. When my cosplay has more to it, I can show the in progress version. As in, the whole arm armor lol.

I’ll see you the next time I post!


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