Loot Anime January 2017: Dimension REVIEW

I totally forgot to review this crate, and due to time (see the previous post for the reason.. I only have time pretty much for these crate reviews because I can do them during computer time/it only takes a few minutes to open the crate), I actually don’t have photos of most of the items myself. I’m going to Google it, and use what I find for my pictures. I REALLY apologize for this. >_<;.

Anyway, this month was I think the best one I’ve ever received. And I loved the Music crate (No review for that one exists here, because it predates my blog, but I loved that one. Only the manga was a dud, and that was because I had it already). ^^;. This one delivered, with some exceptions. The featured series were No Game, No Life, Sword Art Online (finally getting some proper items, not something I had already), Re:Zero, and Log Horizon.


The first item was the Log Horizon novel. Which was lame, IMO, because I had it already. The novel is already at volume 7 or something like that, so.. I wonder what they were thinking when they decided on this? Most Log Horizon fans that would be interested in the book have it. Even worse, it’s a mass market paperback version. With inferior paper quality and image quality. This photo is mine, actually ^^;. A total miss for me, 1/5. The series is a great choice, but I dislike the item. Because I have it, and because it’s not even the original light novel’s format. An alternate cover version would have been preferable.


The next item is a pair of Sword Art Online socks, and either Kirito or Asuna were available. Guess who I got? Kirito. My least favorite character. And they’re really short, and small. I don’t mind socks, but one size fits all does NOT work for socks. This is my picture again. Another miss, 1/5.


The next item is a Rem and Ram rotating picture frame. Something nice, but I don’t know how I’m going to use it yet. Of course, I’m going to keep it, lol. Re:Zero is awesome, and it is an item I CAN use. And it looks nice pictureless, anyway. 4/5, because I don’t know how to use it. But the design is nice. This is not my picture.


The fourth item in this box was a No Game, No Life shirt. The design on this is awesome. I love the colors the main picture has (I know nothing about NGNL, and that needs to change lol. I need to pick up the Blu-Ray or something. The manga was too fanservice filled for my liking, and I am hoping the anime isn’t as bad or something), and the navy/blue/purple color the shirt itself is is a nice touch. 5/5. Not my picture again, BTW.


The fifth item is the best one (with the shirt being a close second), an Asuna Kyun Chara figure. That’s right, the same as you can find at a convention or only online. The real deal, not some cheap figure. I didn’t have this one, so it was awesome. I REALLY hope they have more figures from here on out. They’ve teased the One Piece item is the ‘monthly’ figure for next month, so I’m hoping that that statement means that ALL boxes from here on out have figures. Most anime fans like figures, and I’m hoping they’ve realized it finally. No one, and I mean, NO ONE will complain about figures. I’m not getting the One Piece box (I don’t like anything in it), but I hope the figures per box is a permanent thing. *crosses fingers*. They can replace the manga with one, lol. 5/5, an awesome item that almost is worth the price of the box alone. Not my picture, BTW. But she’s awesome.


The phone strap they give in every box this time was another awesome one. I like that they’ve been using Yume for their phone straps as opposed to random shapes. I have no use for the school one, the music one, or any of the shape ones minus the feathers. These Yume ones I will definitely use at some point. I hope they continue to use Yume or any other human character as their phone strap image. 5/5. Not my picture again.


The last item is the poster. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but something about this poster doesn’t resonate well with me. To me, Yume’s face looks odd, like she just did something bad, or is plotting something (I’m guessing this is supposed to stylistically mirror No Game No Life–I say NGNL because of the game stuff in the background, and she’s maybe supposed to kind of resemble Sora because he does that so much, but I don’t think it works here.). And that green.. D:. That green makes me think of the skies in severe weather. Something I don’t like to think about. I bet that’s Loot Crate’s decision, but it still makes me not want to display it. ^^;. There is nothing otherwise wrong with the design, so maybe that’s my issue? I do like that the posters vary from the teaser pics now (I think old ones were teaser pics times 4), but this one is creepy somehow. ^^;. 3/5. Not my picture, again.

Anyway, despite my dislike of the socks, book (I just.. had it already), and only finding the poster OK, I think this crate is a winner. It’s the one I felt I got the most value out of my purchase. The figure is like $25, the shirt is about $15, the book is probably really worth $7 (because it’s a mass market version), the phone strap is worth about $5, the socks are probably $8, the poster is worth like $3, and the picture frame is probably worth $10-$15, given acrylic stands on AmiAmi are about that price when I see them, and that’s almost what this is. So, this totals about $73, roughly. An amazing value, TBH, even if you only like the figure. That itself pays for the crate. I am happy with this, despite 2 items being iffy. This as close to perfect as I’ve seen so far. 4.5/5.

January was an awesome month for boxes.. the Harry Potter one was amazing, too, and the Loot for Her was awesome, too. But those, I don’t review. Just love without a review. XD. I’ve also begun a subscription to another box called Fangirl Monthly, which I will review. That one, I will have to photograph, and I hope I get time to. D:. The jewelry they give is really nice anime based jewelry. Take a look at their Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura boxes, they’re amazing. I only was finally able to subscribe for the March box (I don’t like Fairy Tale/Naruto), so I’m looking forward to that one. :). I will not be getting the next Loot Anime box because of the anime featured in it (I’m not into The Boy And The Beast, One Piece, Osomatsu-san, OR Haikyuu), but I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint those who do get it.



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