Fangirl Monthly March 2017–Sword Art Online REVIEW. Spoilers ahead!

Hey everyone! I’ve been hard at work on my armor for my Jeanne d’Arc cosplay, so I haven’t had time to sit down and watch anything, but I do have a new review for you. Guys, unless you are into jewelry (awesome if you are), or are looking to get a gift for the special lady in your life, you may just want to skip this review. ^^;. Sorry for being boring this time, if that is the case.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an ad on Facebook for an anime based jewelry mystery box called Fangirl Monthly. I love anime jewelry, and the jewelry they showed looked amazing. But I had just missed the Cardcaptor Sakura theme, and the theme of Fairy Tail didn’t interest me tbh. (The items in that box are nice though–minus the keychain, as I’ve seen those at con before–it just isn’t a series for me).

This month, March, I was finally able to get a box. I love Sword Art Online (I cosplayed Lisbeth for Anime Central 2015, and she was the first cosplay I made myself.), and couldn’t pass this up. The box arrived yesterday, which is way earlier than I thought. And I was not disappointed.


This is me opening the box, with my wonderful super glue nearby. :D. Because this stuff is seriously awesome. It only comes off the foam I’m using by force.


This is an up close version of the card that tells you what is in the box. There are 5 pieces of jewelry in this, and one custom post card. That will likely be joining my post card collection on the wall, aka me using them as posters. :). Here is the post card, btw.


It’s simple, but nice. I like it. 5/5.

Now, onto the jewelry.


All of the jewelry comes housed in a cloth bag, which can be seen above.


The first piece I pulled out was this necklace featuring Kirito’s swords.. I don’t recognize the white one, though–and Kirito has two swords for sure (the black and the blue-green one) so I have no idea. I’d have to look it up. Again, I do like it. 5/5


The next piece was the Yui’s heart necklace. I actually had one of these (frm Amazon), but I don’t care, really. This one is made better, I think. It certainly looks better, as it’s actually the blue from the anime, not a close blue. I don’t even like Yui whatsoever, but I have always liked the design of the necklace. 5/5.


This. Is. Awesome. One of the main items that made me so hyped about this box was the Sailor Moon pocketwatch they made, and I was thrilled that this box had one, too. And such an awesome looking one, at that. The front also rotates, just so you know.


This is the last piece, the Knights of Blood (aka Ketsumei Kishidan, like the picture says) pin, by Geek Me Pretty. The pin is super well made, and is sparkley. When I bring out my purse that has space for pins (I have like 2-3, because leather or quilted suck for pins), this is going on it for sure. It’s awesome. :). 5/5

I think this is the first mystery crate I love everything in. I hope this box sticks around for sure, and that the next one I get is like this. And not so much like the Fairy Tail or Naruto ones, that sadly come with the same keychains that are available at any con or anime store. And worse, the Naruto one came with a lanyard you can get anywhere, I think. I don’t even like those, and I remember thinking to myself ‘That sucks, I can get those anywhere. I feel bad for those who like those series’. I hope it isn’t a new thing with them, because I like getting items that are special. This SAO box was. I also like how they make these boxes by anime as opposed to theme. Omakase was the only other one, and I actually prefer boxes like those. Having boxes by anime and not theme gets rid of the possible disappointment that could come by a person’s favorite anime being the junk item of the box (aka for me, the MANGA. I wish Loot Anime would stop it with the damn manga, because I can go to bloody Books A Million/Amazon and get it. I swear, they are getting complaints from me if the Fate item in a future box is a manga. I HAVE the manga, and I like unique stuff. Not stuff I can buy anywhere). I mean, it can still happen, but at least there are other items in the box to like that are that series. Next month has Tokyo Ghoul items, and since that is a series I don’t care for, I will be skipping it. But if you do like it, I highly recommend getting the box for it. I look forward to the May box, and hope it’s something I like again. 5/5 for this box, highly recommended.


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