Upcoming Loot Anime review

Be warned, this will NOT be a good one. If I could, I’d send the damn thing BACK because it’s so fail. I was curious to find out what the shirt was, and saw the rest of the crate, pretty much by accident. What is in it FAILS HARD. I don’t even want to waste time opening it, I don’t even anticipate it, that’s how bad it sucks. I am more satisfied with my $15 Beauty and the Beast scarf than the whole box. At least that is worth what I paid for it, not barely covers it.

The franchises, again, are Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Kiznaiver, Psycho-Pass, and Clockwork Planet. I am interested in seeing all of these but GITS. I tried the manga for it, and didn’t like it. But 3 of four should be good, right?

NO. They failed. The one good item type in this box was the shirt, and guess what the franchise is?

What follows below is picture free box spoilers, don’t read it if you don’t want to know.

Ghost in the Shell is the shirt, and it’s literally the only item worth anything in this. Everything else is uninspired, or cheap. And it’s the one series I didn’t care for.

The other items are a Psycho-Pass 2 gb flash drive, a Kiznaiver MOUSE PAD, and, to add insult to injury, Clockwork Planet is the manga. And just came out this month, and is super cheap on Amazon. The flash drive is neat, but those are like $7 for a 4 gig one. The mouse pad is low value again, maybe $5. With the most common picture on it. You know the one Crunchyroll puts on the poster? That’s it.

And the manga just cements this as fail. It literally launched this month, and has been super cheap from the start. It’s like $7 on Amazon, with a better cover.

Hopefully the Yume charm looks nice, because everything else sucks. That’s bad, when the charm is the only good item. When I get it, the box is pretty much going on eBay, minus the charm/manga. It’s that fail. I would just dump Loot Anime for Akibento or Boxychan, but Akibento likes the same shounen series too much (DBZ, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, etc), and Boxychan doesn’t seem to have exclusives.



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