Loot Anime March 2017–REVIEW (with pictures!)

Before I start, I am sadly still making my cosplay, and can’t watch anything new. Which sucks, because spring had quite a few titles I was interested in. I shall have to wait until I finish, and binge watch, I guess. D:. Anyway, I still won’t have any reviews aside from loot based boxes. I am probably about 75 percent done with my cosplay at this point, though. I have the top half done, the skirt needs a border added, and the little jacket needs a collar and the trim. And all of my arm armor is done, but needs worbla or other means or reinforcement. I just need those finishing touches, my sword, the belt (really easy, I’m not concerned), and the armored corset. Which is more a matter of heat forming than anything else. And the little details on the shoes. It sounds like a lot, but once the corset is done/the sewing is done, it’s easy after that. Anyway, that is the status update. Now, onto the review!

I know I posted not too long ago about this, but I’m sure you, my readers, would like to see pictures. Well, I have them along with a formal review and ratings. If I didn’t already do it.


The first item right on top was the Ghost In The Shell:Arise item, a shirt. Ghost In The Shell, in any iteration, is not my thing, so this was a miss. Which is weird, because I do like sci-fi (so long as it doesn’t involve aliens usually), but I was bored while reading it. If I did like it, though, the shirt is decent quality, and the image is nice. As a non-GITS fan, this gets a 3/5, it isn’t my thing, but the item is nice.

$_12 (1)

I am not including the box, but the next item was a 2 gig flash drive of the Dominator from Psycho-Pass. The flash drive is actually larger than it looks in person (as in, it’s pretty big and weighs more than it should), and opens up like the Dominator does. It would be neat, if I didn’t have like 4 already and it had more storage. I know Loot Crate can do better, storage wise. Their Game of Thrones one had 4 gb storage. Why does the anime one get less? Anyway, the idea is cool, but because the storage is low, and I have no use for it (and I know Loot Anime is being cheap), this is also a 3/5. If I didn’t have a flash drive, this would be awesome, but for someone with 4 of them, I don’t need another.

$_12 (2)

The next item is a Kiznaiver mouse pad. Really, this is all they can come up with for this series? At least the Psycho-Pass item had thought put into it. This is just taking the most basic image from Kiznaiver, and placing it on a mouse pad. And it looks like one of those cheap ones we can get on Amazon. In fact, it looks EXACTLY like a cheap one from Amazon, right down to the finish. I have a mouse pad of Mistral from .hack, and that is an image printed on plastic. The plastic works better with tracking than just cloth, and I think it would have been better if it were plastic/rubber as opposed to just cloth. It is functional, just nothing special. 2/5. Btw, the next few items aren’t my pictures, but are from MySubscriptionAddiction. I didn’t sell those (and don’t want to dig them up), so I don’t have pics of my own. If the owner wants them taken down, I will do so.



The next item is the manga Clockwork Planet. Useful, because it means I don’t have to buy it, but also annoying. I would have liked a shirt or other merchandise from it. Especially a shirt. Actually, I’d have liked a shirt from either Kiznaiver or Psycho-Pass, too. 3/5, it’s there, just uninspired.


And the last item is the phone strap, featuring Yume again. Which I am thrilled about, because it means the phone straps are always pretty much Yume from here on out, and not the semi useless ones they have out before. This one is kind of boring (compared to the shiny one from Galaxy, and the nice pirate one from last month), but it’s nice. I guess. 3/5.

Loot-Anime-March-2017-Poster-Front-790x1024 (1)

The last item is the poster, which this month, is just there. Other than the green, I liked the one from January. This is kind of boring, though the colors are nice, and it is well drawn. I won’t rate the poster, though.

Overall, this is one of the most uninspired boxes I’ve seen, aside from the one that was a trial (the one with the Black Butler lunch box and old Fate manga). Other than the shirt and Dominator USB drive (which admittedly took effort at least), everything else was run of the mill. This is also one of the lowest boxes in terms of value too, as it only barely goes over the price the box cost. I have to give the whole box an underwhelming 3/5. It’s at least better than the school box, but still boring. It’s no Dimension box. I had actually contemplated unsubscribing totally because of this, but am holding on to it for now. I will wait to see what the Humanity box has, even though I am skipping it because the only series I like from it is Attack on Titan. I have even subscribed to Boxychan Anime instead, but might drop that once they finally send my box, because they are awful so far about even sending it. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s it for now! I am currently reading volume 2 of Liselotte and Witch’s Forest, and will review that when I get a chance. It’s way better than volume 1 so far, and it seems this series is capable of more than fluff. :). I’m hoping it keeps this up. I didn’t get volume 3 yet because one was so iffy, but I might.



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