Boxychan anime REVIEW

I hated the last Loot Anime so bad, that I decided to give another subscription service a chance. Of all of them, Boxychan looked the most promising. One person got a Madoka figure, the other a Misa Amane figure, and it looked like there was at least one nice figure a box. And there was a girl’s box, score! That means not as high of a chance for Tokyo Ghoul, etc.

Just my luck, this was worse than any Loot Anime box I ever received. It was like a shitty con grab bag, but costs more. And somehow is shittier. Not only did they not send my box until it was time for the next one(causing me to skip it), it came postage due. Those jackasses didn’t even pay postage. Probably why it was so delayed.

Anyway, here’s the absolute crap I got.


A Tamagotchi toy. It’d be ok if there was better stuff with it, but a 6 dollar toy is one of the big items.


And an old as hell manga that no one can get rid of and that never finished. This was ok, but I had this at one point, and didn’t want it again. One old manga I expected, the other reviewers got one, too.


These are in a row because they earn a resounding seriously from me. More crap.


This is my ‘high ticket’ item. And even then, she’s only 10 bucks. If I liked Pop figures, this is ok. But I don’t.


And here’s my old DVD. Again, expected. But not my thing.


The sad thing is, this Attack on Titan postcard is my favorite thing in here. And that is a POSTCARD.

The last item is one of those Best of Anime ones. I got Natsu. I am not even going to take a picture, I just put him back in the box. I hate Fairy Tail. Just my luck I couldn’t get Maka, Ciel, Asuna, Mikasa, or Soul. But this isn’t their fault, it’s a blind box.

Like I said, this was total crap. The best prize was a pop figure. A fucking POP figure. This is all old shit I’m going to have a hell of a time getting rid of, and I know they have better shit. It’s like mine was thrown together to shut me up because I asked where my box was.

I skipped this box for April because I didn’t want to buy it when I didn’t know how good it was (I also am going to get Fangirl Monthly this month, so I need the money for that), and am I GLAD I did.

1/5, the box is worth more than what is paid for it, but it is CRAP. Not one special Japanese figure. Not one special Japanese phone strap or keychain. Just the really old, licensed shit people give away, minus the pop figure and mystery one. I might try again in June, but it is VERY unlikely. Maybe if Loot Anime sucks again.

I’m selling everything. Except the postcard, that is pretty cool.




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