Review–There’s A Demon Lord on The Floor!


Hey everyone! I’m still hard at work on my costume (ALMOST THERE! *cue Princess and the Frog song*), but have been reading some manga (and light novels) in the mean time, mostly while waiting for stuff. I have read Liselotte and Witch’s Forest volume 2, Seraph of the End 2, Clockwork Planet volume 1, Fate/Apocrypha volume 1 (light novel), and this. Now, on to the review for There’s A Demon Lord On The Floor, volume 1.

I was actually pretty hyped about this manga. I enjoyed The Devil Is A Part-Timer a lot, and this sounded similar. It is supposed to be a manga about a demon lord who works at a restaurant, like Devil Is A Part-Timer. However, unlike that, this is just STUPID. Stupid with nice art.

While The Devil Is A Part-Timer has good characters, some supernatural stuff, an interesting story, and is genuinely funny, this does NOT. This series is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. And I read. A LOT. The premise is as described, a demon lord lives under the floor of a restaurant, and she works for a restaurant in exchange for food. And apparently, lives with some mushroom that turns into a girl. And they become adults/big breasted when they are full. And this is the source of their power. So yeah, fanservice is the only way the demon lord, Amon Patricia, can do anything other that spout off words, pretty much. The sad thing is, Amon Patricia is the most interesting character. She’s about the only one who has a personality, and who is worth caring about. The other characters are the mushroom girl, useless, the main character (bland), their manager (one of those ‘cute girls are everything’ stereotypes, BTW, she’s a girl), a shrine maiden who wants to make friends with demons (Also useless), and a man hating knight who works for Amon Patricia (a generic man hating tsundere). So, the characters suck.

The plot is no better. This manga, aside from one or two chapters, is self contained, and usually involves Amon Patricia wanting food, or a new bland character is introduced, Amon Patricia has to save them from.. whatever, the tsundere knight needs to be more social, etc. Just crap like that. If written better, this could be good. But it isn’t written well. Is it the worst manga I’ve ever read? No. It’s just really generic, uninteresting, and kind of stupid. Laya, The Witch of Red Pooh and Mouryou Kiden were worse. Seriously, don’t ever read those. I couldn’t even make it through the former, and Mouryou Kiden was pretty to look at, but the plot was awful. But There’s A Demon Lord On The Floor wasn’t good. At all. Skip this generic, badly written, repetitive manga and read something good, like The Devil Is A Part-Timer. For a similar comedy, anyway. One that is actually funny, and interesting. If you’ve read that, I don’t know what else, other than Konosuba, is similar in that it’s a comedy, and a fantasy. And Slayers. But those don’t have a similar premise. But if you want a fantasy/comedy and have read The Devil Is A Part-Timer, go with Slayers or Konosuba.

Characters: 1/5, Amon Patricia was interesting, but everyone else was awful.

Plot: 1/5, This was garbage. Generic garbage.

Art: 4/5, the ART is nice. It’s just fanservice-y.

Overall: Thanks to art, 1.5/5. It’s crap. Skip this. Do yourself a favor.


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