Anime Central 2017, day 1 (photoless.. OTL)

I am officially finally done with my cosplay, and do have.. a picture. Sigh. That I had my brother take.

But anyway, I do not have a huge amount to cover because I just got out of the hiatus. I have mostly been reading Seraph of the End lately, but it blends in OTL. I can’t pinpoint what happened in what book. So I can’t review any but volume 1, and that is only because I remember half of it is Yuichiro going on about ‘I wanna kill vampires, I want revenge’. Sadly.. that sums up most of volumes 1-3 of Owari no Seraph LOL.

Anyway, since I did go to Anime Central last week, and bought some stuff, I will cover that. But with no photos aside from what I bought, because I didn’t take any. And what I found that I like, I can’t use because I am not the photographer.

Without further ado.. here’s my Anime Central 2017 coverage, starting with Friday.

I sadly did not get to really do too much on Friday, due to their scheduling this year. Every panel I was interested in was before 1 pm or after 6.. guess when I got there, because Jeanne took forever to put on. 1 pm.

Because Good Smile and Kinokuniya run out of stuff quickly, I went to the Dealer’s Room right away. I only wanted two things from Good Smile (their sales menu was a bit boring this year, or I had them on preorder.. OTL. I have Gudako and Saber Lily on preorder.. guess what GSC had at ACen). Luckily, they still had them. And even better, the line was short this year. There was one person ahead of me :D.

I picked up Nendoroid 600: Saber, and the 2017 Snow Miku nendoroid. I only have a photo of Saber right now, since I put her together. She came in a really nice box that when emptied out can be used as a drawer for Nendoroid parts! I am not sure if GSC did that on purpose, but it is still awesome. The box has gold flaps, and an image of Saber’s symbol in the back. Saber herself comes with four faces, a goofy one, a serious one, an action one, and a smile. I went for the action one, because I wanted to use her attack sword pose. I already have Saber looking badass and serious in Figma form, so she’s fighting here.

But she isn’t as epic as she could be, because the cape doesn’t allow for it. Sure, I can remove the cape, but that’s part of what makes this Saber special.

And like I said, I also got Snow Miku, but I don’t have pics yet. I also bought the three Fate/Grand Order materials books from Kinokuniya, the Fate/Grand Order fanbook, and two additional nendoroids: Shielder and this girl from Date A Live whose name I don’t know off hand, but the nendoroid looked awesome. So I had to have her for my nendoroid collection. I also got a Your Lie In April shirt.

Shopping was a horrible experience not because of crowds, but because I literally couldn’t grab my money myself. My brother had to, and it was slightly embarrassing. I was able to as the day went on (I think I figured out how to maneuver myself enough to get my own money/pick up stuff), but it was awful for the most part.

The next thing I did, sadly, was return to my hotel room, because my arms were jelly from the books. And I wasn’t able to do anything until the cosplay makeup panel. Which while interesting, I must have missed a lot of the tips, because there were two great tips that were in depth, then it was almost basically q and a. OTL. Maybe they’ll have one next year?

The only other panel I went to was the Danganronpa jeopardy. Which while fun, I didn’t know anything.. OTL. I REALLY need to play part 2, and watch part 3.


Anyway, that was it for day one. I saw some cosplays, but not a whole lot. Somewhat disappointing, tbh. Maybe I just missed them, or something, since I never go to the Hyatt anymore? (All of the panels are in the Con Center)

Day two is next. And I will update this with pics of the stuff I got/specifics about the nendoroids later



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