Fangirl Monthly–May 2017 REVIEW

This is REALLY late because of Anime Central, but I did get the Fangirl Monthly box from May. And June now. ^^;. But that is for another post. Since it’s so delayed, these will be one after the other. Sorry about that (and the delay).

Anyway, the theme for Fangirl Monthly for May was Fullmetal Alchemist! I loved the original FMA (What I saw of it, anyway), and own nothing from FMA, so I was looking forward to this box. Not like the Madoka one (Madoka is one of my top 10 favorites), but still quite a bit. Especially since I had nothing, I couldn’t lose, right? Was I right? Yes, and a bit no. It was still worth it and I love it (Fangirl Monthly is my favorite box, I think XD), but there was a slight issue. Minor, but still there. Anyway, on to the review!

IMG_20170508_1659435_rewindHere it was, the card telling us what kinds of awesome jewelry was in this box. And the orange paper it’s wrapped in. If you can’t read it, it cane with a necklace, earring, bookmark, watch, postcard, and pouch. The postcard and pouch are included with every box (different ones based on theme), so I will skip those until the end. As nice as they are. I will go in the order presented on the card.


This is the necklace, based on the symbol on the back of Ed’s jacket, if I remember right. This necklace is awesome. It’s a good length, and is well made. It isn’t one of those cheap 18 inch chains. I hate those because while they fit, they only dangle slightly on my neck. I hate that. This does not do that. 5/5, love it!


I didn’t get that great of a pic of these, but these are the Ouroboros symbol earrings. I love these, too. They are definitely recognizable as FMA earrings, but could be worn normally, too. They’d just be a weird symbol. They seem to be well made (I forgot to wear mine D:), and look just plain awesome. 5/5.

Moving along.. the next two items are the minor issues.


This is the bookmark. Design wise, I love it! It reminds me of this phone strap I have of Caster’s symbol (the Fate/Zero one.. his symbol is awesome, regardless of how he is), which also has a symbol in a dome shape.. I just like the look, I guess. Anywau, I will also use it, because I’m always reading. But a bookmark isn’t jewelry. I think it’s awesome regardless, but an odd choice in a jewelry based box. Still 5/5, though. 😀


The last jewelry item is a watch, based on the one Ed carries. It looks awesome, and even has the inscription. However, to me, this is not unique to this box, which makes it a bit disappointing compared to something else we could have gotten. I know GE made replica watches for FMA years ago, and they are still readily available. Combine that with the fact that the SAO one just had a watch, and this becomes a lot less impressive. It is nice, but disappointing. 3/5, because I can get this elsewhere, as nice as it is. On the plus side, it is well made and looks nice.

The last items are the ones included, a fanart print, and a pouch. The pouch has the same symbol on it as the necklace. Nice!

Anyway, that is it for the May box! Overall, I think this is a good box. A bit disappointing compared to the SAO one, but still solid. The only issues I even had were with the item types in two cases, and even those were technically good. I still feel a bookmark, as awesome as it is, doesn’t fit a jewelry based box unless there is some rule I don’t know. And getting a watch I could have owned years ago and still could is a bit disappointing. It would be worse if I had it. I didn’t, so I am keeping it (of course, I had seriously considered buying one several times). The rest of the items are awesome, and even these are. It’s merely a disappointment, not a huge deal. I have to dock some points, but I still think it’s a great box. I think this deserves a 4/5, because the watch, while nice, is not exclusive

And as a reminder, this is the May box. I do already have the June box, and it only somewhat disappoints, and even then, again, it’s minor. These are solid boxes, and unless Loot Anime gets better or My Anime Cache is awesome, this is my favorite box. It’s totally worth the price. I feel like an ad, but I haven’t loved mystery boxes on the whole because half of the time, they’re full of old crap. This isn’t, and I love it. I want it to succeed. It’s totally worth the price, and I love getting multiple items from the same series. The only other box to do that was the sadly short lived Omakase box, and no other box has followed suit. Anyway, even if you have the slightest interest in anime jewelry, subscribe to this. You will NOT be disappointed.


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