My Anime Cache–May 2017 REVIEW

My Anime Cache is one of the newer boxes, I think only having been around since March, officially. All I’ve seen videos for is their Miku box, and Ghibli (before this one, anyway). I’ve been watching what it does, since every other box aside from Fangirl Monthly has been a disappointment (I am seriously looking forward to the Miku box.. XD), with Loot Anime being the only box not based on jewelry that I occasionally like. While I am not a hardcore Ghibli fan and didn’t subscribe in April (I assumed a lot of the items would be from Totoro, which I don’t actually care for. I do like Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away, though.. like I said, not a hardcore fan), I DID get the May box. May’s theme was Heroines, and could include items from Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Akame Ga Kill, Sword Art Online season 2 (so, basically, rigged Sinon, AWESOME!!), Fate/Stay Night, and Black Rock Shooter. I love Fate, and Sword Art (and since Black Rock Shooter is Miku, from what I understand, BRS too), so I got this box. The box comes in three tiers, regular, mid, and vip (IDK exact names), and each gives a varying about of items. The first is 3/4 items, and 3(?) Snacks. The second, 3/4 items, one extra medium item, and 4 snacks. The last is the items from the mid box, plus one big snack and item. The cost is way too high monthly for the VIP box, and I didn’t want to get nothing but keychains/phone straps and pouches (the Ghibli box had a phone strap, keychain, and pouch for the small box, from what I remember.. maybe the Totoro plush?), so I went with the mid box.

Now, why am I rating a May box in June? Am I just behind again? Nope. These ship after the first of the next month, I got mine early this month (June). I just forgot to check it. I usually take photos and post them on Instagram before I get around to reviewing the box, so if you want to see them early, follow me at @Elise.Grimwald.

Was it a disappointment, like Boxychan was (or Akibento seems to be)? Not really. I did like what I got, but.. I am questionable about the authenticity of figures, and hope this doesn’t come with any like EVER. What I got looks like that neat stuff that comes from China, the stuff I never know if it is licensed or not. Which is ok, but not for figures. I hate bootlegs, hate hate hate them. They look crappy, and fall apart all the time. I hope the figures they give are real. But anyway, as to what they did give:


The closed box, followed by my incorrectly re-laid out box. I had a limited time when I found out this came earlier than I thought, so I took a photo post-opening. Hence, the Genji-Pie is opened lol.

The actual first item on top was this:


I am absolutely not sure if this is a mouse pad or a desk mat. It’s big, but feels like a mouse pad. It has the same texture on the front and back. Either way, it’s AWESOME. But I don’t know how I’ll use it. My computer table only has room for a regular mouse pad, and I’m not sure how to use desk mats/don’t have an empty desk. I’ll find a use though, this is too awesome not to. 5/5

I think I looked at the food next, so that is up next. I tried the taffy first, which is Meigum Gaburchew Cola (according to the picture, lol)


I thought it was gum at first, then realized it wasn’t chewy like gum. It’s cola flavored taffy. It tastes somewhat like warm RC or Coke (one of the sweeter ones), not bad, but not great. At least it isn’t gross, like those haribo ones. EWW. It’s not a great item, but it isn’t awful. 3/5 for taste, for choice, taffy isn’t bad, so 4/5.

I was still overly interested in the food (because I have no way of getting it otherwise), so the next thing is this: Genji-Pie


I love that are including unusual Dagashi/food, but Genji-Pie is NOT my thing. It tastes like a slightly sweetened pie crust, and I dislike pie crust. I frequently just leave it when I eat crusts that are not Graham cracker or Oreo. So this was a miss for me. I’m *still* trying to finish this. I couldn’t eat it easily anyway because I’m dieting (only small amounts at a time), but I would never be able to eat this in a sitting. 2/5 for me. I want them to keep including Dagashi, though. It isn’t a bad item per second, but it just doesn’t taste great to me.

The next item is this Mikasa wallet. I think it’s awesome, but I wonder if guys got a different wallet. This is definitely a girl’s wallet, because unless a guy has super pockets, it goes in a purse. It’s a curiosity, not a gripe. I will definitely use this. It has a phone slot, money slot, and four card slots. 5/5.

The next item is this AWESOME Saber sword.. replica? Letter opener? I am actually not sure what this does, but it looks AWESOME, and the packaging is cool. It has weight to it, so I wonder if it does have a function, but it comes with a stand. I actually am not sure what it does. But it looks cool. 5/5.

Next up is another food item, Konpeito. Since seeing Kobato, I have been curious as to how it tastes. I got to find out yesterday. 🙂 (I finally ate it).


Konpeito is basically mini pieces of rock candy, and have flavors corresponding to their color. The green I believe is lime, orange is.. orange, white is.. IDK, actually, and yellow is either banana or lemon. It’s pretty good stuff. I like the random Animal Crossing/Parappa the Rappa looking animals on it, they’re cute. XD. This is something I would have again, but I don’t think I’d import it. It really is basically rock candy. 5/5 for taste.

And.. we are not done yet! They gave quite a bit of items in this box, so bear with me for a bit more. The second to last item is this water bottle with Akame from Akame ga Kill.


I am not that into Akame ga Kill. I like the style, I like the plot, but I tried the manga, and cannot take the violence. Attack on Titan has its gross moments, but it just wasn’t as bad IMO. It’s too bad too, because it did have compelling characters, and a good story. But anyway, I love this water bottle. It’s a very appropriate item for summer, and looks awesome. I like that it has a clip, which will be useful for walks/running. 5/5

The last snack is the best. I hadn’t been expecting this, and was thrilled to get it.


It’s green tea pocky, and while it is available outside of Japan/cons, it isn’t common. There is ONE location near me that has it. And this is the big box, awesome! Needless to say, I ate this already. On my diet. D:. But it was GOOD. I love green tea pocky, it’s such a weird kind of sweet/bitter(?). It’s my second favorite pocky, next to Brazillian Orange. Btw, if you like this, try green tea Pejoy. It has more of the coating, but it’s inside. Green tea pejoy is AMAZING. Obviously, a 5/5.

The last item (really this time) is a guild emblem flag from Fairy Tail (the Lucy item). I will say it, I was disappointed the last item wasn’t BRS. The item was nice, though. Not worth too much, but nice. I’m not a Fairy Tail fan, but if I was, this would be cool. 3/5


Now, to answer the question of whether it is worth the proposed value. The box costs $35 (for the tier I got), and I believe it is supposed to be worth $65. My guess would be that the mouse pad is like $15-$20 (it’s big), the water bottle is worth $7(?), the flag is $5 (I found it on eBay, that’s its value), wallet is like $10, and Saber sword is probably $6 (if a letter opener). The food items are probably as follows: taffy: $1.00, konpeito, $1.50, Pocky, $3.00, and bland pie: $2.00.

So.. my guess is $50.50 (counting the low end for the mouse pad/Saber sword) It comes close, and certainly is worth more than the price of the box. It IS worth it.

This box is a keeper. I skipped June, because it’s shounen (and doesn’t have any series I like in it), but I will keep the subscription. I am mildly tempted to go down one level, but I don’t want to miss the medium tier prizes. ^^;. Btw, the prize I didn’t get was a BRS watch. Annoying, but not devastating. Again, I do hope this stuff isn’t bootlegged, and their figures are legit. It’s neat stuff, and the consistent art makes me think it isn’t a bootleg (the Mikasa wallet is the same artist, usually a good sign a product is legit), but I don’t know. The stuff is still cool, though. Because I don’t know what some of it is and would have liked a sheet telling me what it is, I have to give it a 4/5. The stuff I got is awesome, but since I don’t know what some items are, I can’t give it a perfect rating. Plus, that pie crust dagashi knocks some points off for being meh.

Anyway, that’s it for today! I am currently reading Konosuba light novel 1, so that might be next. :). And I will finish my ACen post, I swear!


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