Fangirl Monthly June 2017 REVIEW

With the Miku box right around the corner, I need to review the Madoka box before I stupidly forget to. D:. Anyway, I actually have done some reading the past two weeks (and need to do more TBH, but I keep getting distracted by Fate/Grand Order. Stupid mana cubes quests eat up a lot of time and are really boring), and will have quite a few reviews in the near future. I did read more than this (some of what I read were later volumes), but this is what is new that I can review:

The Water Dragon’s Bride, Yona of the Dawn, Sword Art Online: Girls’ Ops, and Konosuba Light Novel 1. I also finally read Fate/Zero volume 2, which I will review. I also did read Negima 36, and Watamote volume 6, but I can’t review those because I didn’t start from volume 1. I also started watching Konosuba season 2 again, and so far (I’m on episode 5), it’s great. The animation still looks like crap, but it’s still a lot of fun, and I looked forward to the next episode. But I’ll save anything else for the full review.

ANYWAY, here’s the review for June’s Fangirl Monthly box.

Honestly, the Madoka box was a tiny bit less impressive than usual. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good. But compared to what I have seen thus far from this company, the jewelry within it was simplistic. You’ll see that as we go along. Let’s start with the open box again, complete with the card that tells us what is in the box.


In case you can’t read it, the Madoka box has a soul gem necklace, charm bracelet, a Madoka themed ring, a Kyuubey pin, and the usual postcard and pouch.

I’ll go in order this time, and start with the necklace.


This is nice, but it’s REALLY simple. For something that’s supposed to be a cosplay necklace, it really isn’t. Yes, it’s Madoka’s soul gem necklace, but Madoka’s necklace wasn’t this simplistic. I think this was more or less made to match the bracelet, and it doesn’t work great for a cosplay necklace. I would have liked this a LOT more if the gem itself was a cabochon as opposed to just painted on. This actually kind of looks cheap as it is. Maybe if worn with the bracelet, this might look OK, but as a stand alone piece, this isn’t really attractive. 2/5.

By the way, this is a picture of Madoka, in case you haven’t seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica:


Note her gem is bigger, and is clearly rounded, and it’s attached to a ribbon. The piece given looks really cheap in comparison.

Next up is the bracelet, which I assume is what the necklace was supposed to match.

The bracelet itself is supposed to be a charm bracelet, and does a good job of representing the series, while also not looking like garbage when worn. It does get some attention. Yes, this is simple too, but it isn’t a cosplay item, just an homage item. I actually do like this one. It’s attention grabbing, simplistic but not totally junky, and is a pretty good homage to the show. I especially like the little flower that represents Mami for some reason, it’s just nice looking. I wish Kyoko’s gem was red as opposed to orange though. I guess the Madoka necklace just bothers me so much because it’s stated to be a cosplay item, but barely registers as one. It just comes off looking cheap as opposed to simplistic. I kind of wish the soul gems were at least shiny, though. But even as is, I like this enough. 3.5/5

And here’s the next item, the ring. Honestly, I don’t see how it’s cosplay, given Mami is the only one I recall wearing a ring. But.. this is AWESOME. I love the designs, the colors, and the stone. As an added bonus it actually fits without adjusting it, and I wear a size 9 ring. I need to remember to actually take this out of the box and wear it more than just trying it on, because I love this. 5/5

And the next item is my second favorite, the Kyuubey pin.


I. LOVE. THIS. PIN. He’s glittery, has his total bullshit smile, and looks well made. The glitter isn’t on the surface of the pin, so it won’t come off, and the pin is a decent size. I love pins, and am glad to get one of everyone’s favorite TROLL. XD. 5/5.

The second to last item is the postcard print. It’s very appropriate for the season, and while simple, looks nice. I really like this print. But I usually don’t have issues with those. 5/5.


And finally, the pouch. As per usual, the pouch is simple, but looks nice. 5/5


Ignoring the postcard print and pouch, since those are staples and are usually given the same number rating each month, I give this box a 3.5/5, going off of the average of the ratings. I really did like that Kyuubey pin and ring, but those aren’t enough to give the box a perfect rating. The necklace was way too simple, and while I at least did like the bracelet (and yeah, I get they’re supposed to match), the colors could have been more vibrant, and there could have been at least some sparkle. Because they’re gems and all.

Honestly, while I do like PMMM more than Fullmetal Alchemist (I do like FMA, don’t get me wrong, but my interest isn’t as strong as it was) and felt that the budget last month was taken up by the watch (why else was one item a bookmark?), I think the FMA box was stronger. Last month had three dimensional, complex pieces for the earrings and necklace, whereas these were simple. Yes, the Sword Art Online sword necklace was also simple, but those weren’t gems, and TBH, there were three of them, not just one little thing. It stands out a bit more, plus it was in a box with a pocket watch, the nice Yui heart, and another shiny pin (XD). I don’t hate simple, but I really do feel the necklace would have been better if it wasn’t simple. The bracelet can stay simple, that works, mostly. But the necklace barely stands out as a result. I still love this box and look forward to the Miku one, but I was a tiny bit disappointed by this. I hope the Miku one is the same quality as the SAO and FMA ones. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with for it. :).


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