This is what I am currently watching and reading, and what will get a review.

By the way, with all airing anime, I always wait for the dub if one is available on Funimation. So, my final thoughts on something or thoughts in general might be later than the final episode’s initial airing)


As a note, I am so far behind on the spring season due to my cosplay that I have decided to mostly catch up on the older series from my to watch list, and wait for the summer season to watch mostly simulcast series. Here is the list of what I will watch:

Clockwork Planet (depends on how much I like the second volume of the manga.. I have heard the anime is a confusing mess)

Overlord (older now, but I want to watch this)

Konosuba season 2

Grimoire of Zero (if I have a chance to)

Kiss Him, Not Me! (I have one episode left of this)


Will be reviewed later:

Little Witch Academia (TV)

Rewrite season 2

2016 anime that I got lazy about and will need to finish:

Magical Girl Raising Project

Sound! Euphonium Season 2 (need to start)

Rewrite (I’m on episode 9 or something like that, but I’ve been putting it off. Because I don’t care for it as much, I guess. I like KEY, normally. But this is too full of tired jokes and nothing happening for half of the series)

Older anime that isn’t a streaming one:

Fate/Stay Night (Studio Deen.. I’m a sadist. >_<;. But I own it, and want to watch it anyway)


Recently finished, need to review: Haganai volume 1,

Novel: Sword Art Online novel 4